Momoiro Closet

2018.5.08 Release! Artwork/Character Design: INO Story: Yuhi Nanao Vocals: Haruko Momoi/Chiaki Hashimoto BGM: Fuminori Matsumoto


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Kagamihara Alice: model student, and president of the student council.
As the daughter of a National Diet member, she has a reputation to keep up, both in terms of looks and grades.
Compared to average joe Hashima Reiji, she's like a being from another dimension.
The two would have absolutely nothing in common...
...Were it not for the one strange bond they share: a shared love of a Sunday morning magical girl anime, aimed at little kids.

When Reiji happens to find out that Alice is a hardcore fan of the show,
Alice's overactive imagination leads her to believe that Reiji is trying to blackmail her!

Despite Reiji's best efforts to clear up the misunderstanding, it only seems to get worse,
and the situation spirals further and further out of control!

One day, their conversation takes a weird turn, and Alice ends up heading over to Reiji's house to cosplay.
But once she dons her costume, she's overcome by some new, naughty urges - and she decides to explore
those feelings together with Reiji, her one otaku friend...


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Reiji's schoolmate, and the top student in the year. Her father is in the National Diet.
Everyone tends to regard her as a model student - she's the student council president, after all.
The aura of aloofness she gives off has always discouraged Reiji from talking to her.

She has a hidden secret, however - she's a hardcore otaku, with a special fondness for kids' anime.
The fact that she's always had to hide this from her parents, her father being a leading advocate of manga,
anime and game censorship, has only served to make her obsession more all-consuming.

And, since she can't be open about her hobbies at school either, she's been forced to completely suppress her otaku desires.
Believing anime to be the only way she can truly express herself, she's gotten totally hooked on it!

Alice can be extremely paranoid around Reiji, interpreting every little thing he says as a perverted order or threat.
Of course, she's actually the one inadvertently seducing him!

Reiji is the only person she can talk to about otaku stuff, though,
so she's more than willing to comply with his "dirty" requests in return for his company.

A rowdy girl with long, blonde hair, who tends to get in trouble a lot at school.
Short-tempered, she'll kick off arguments with anyone who bothers her in the slightest.

Alice's constant warnings regarding Satsuki's behavior and attendance rate fall on deaf ears.
Few things annoy her more than Alice's persistent nagging.

Satsuki sits behind Reiji in class, and often borrows manga from him - they get along pretty well.

The vice president of the student council, Yoriko is Alice's right-hand woman, and closest friend.

Although she perhaps reveres Alice a little too much, and sticks by her side like a limpet,
she's more than capable when it comes to her duties.

A little androphobic, she tries to steer clear of boys unless she has student council business with them.
She's deeply wary of Alice's new friend, Reiji.

Yoriko is rarely seen without her beloved stun gun, though whether or not it actually works remains a mystery.

Reiji's precocious little sister.
Determined to appear like a regular girl at school, she keeps her love for anime a secret from her friends.
Ichika's a good kid at heart, despite her childish fascination with anything sexual.

Having always wanted a big sister to play with, she immediately warms to Alice.
They both love dressing up as magical girl characters, often cosplaying together.

Ichika uses every excuse in the book to jump in the bath with Alice, too.

Her family call her "Icchan".

Reiji's auntie; his mother's (much) younger sister. An up-and-coming voice actress,
Ena tends to act more like the cool "big sis" than a responsible aunt.

Because she lives nearby, Reiji's mom often asks her to run errands.
She's always popping by the house for breakfast, too. Sometimes,
it can seem like she's another member of the household.

Reiji's mother. Nayuta used to be a famous cosplay model,
but withdrew from the scene after meeting her husband.
Following the birth of her children, she chose to become a fashion designer
instead - she also later had a hand in the costume designs for her husband's best-selling manga.

As a mother, Nayuta certainly has her quirks. She's easy-going,
but ends up relying on her younger sister Ena to do all the chores.
Despite her aversion to housework, though, she's an extremely skilled seamstress,
and most of her costumes take barely a day to make.

He may be the son of a former cosplayer turned fashion designer,
but he doesn't stand out much, and is in fact one of the quieter guys in his class.

Because he sometimes helps out with his mom's work, he knows a lot about clothing and dress-making.

Reiji doesn't care much about keeping up appearances,
which seems to bring out the maternal side in others.
All the same, he's completely oblivious to people's feelings for him,
and a late-bloomer when it comes to relationships.


Ryuichiro Yamakawa
Artwork/Character Design
Frill & Lace Character Design
Akio Watanabe
Yuhi Nanao
Visual Novel
Opening Theme
"Voila! Magic Closet"
Vocals: Haruko Momoi; Lyrics & Music: Haruko Momoi; Arrangement: Haraddy
Ending Theme
"To The Next Level"
Vocals: Chiaki Hashimoto; Lyrics: Yoshikazu Kuwashima; Composition & Arrangement: Yuuki Xano from STRIKERS
Fuminori Matsumoto


Supported OS Windows 7/8.1/10
Rating All Ages (Steam), 18+ (Patch Download)
Platforms Steam, Download Card.
Other formats to be announced
*An internet connection is required to install the game.
The Download Card package does not include a DVD-ROM.
Release date 2018.5.8
Price $29.99(Steam)
Developer Frontwing
copyright ©Frontwing

"Oh Sew Sweet! Frill & Lace" is a fictional anime from the visual novel "Momoiro Closet".