Loca Love

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Coming Fall 2018

Artwork/Character Design:nanaca mai Story:Kei Hozumi
Vocals:Duca BGM:Fuminori Matsumoto

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Character section updated - voice actors revealed!
"Loca-Love" official site opened! Story, Character and Gallery sections revealed.


They believe that the gods will grant them love...

The charms offered at a certain, ancient Shinto shrine were long believed to grant luck in love and relationships. Recent rumors, however, say that they have the opposite effect - that they are charms of misfortune.

Supposedly, people who carry one with them are bound to break up with their partners, and drive away any potential future love interests...

But these girls still believe...

"I know that it's stupid, but..."
"Deep in my heart, I believe that this charm creates connections..."
"If the gods truly exist... then surely they'll make my wish come true one day."

Three girls, three hopes, three wishes.
As long as they believe that the gods are listening... a trio of romances are set to bloom.


Aoi Ichitaro had been living on his own, until disaster strikes at his apartment and he's temporarily evicted.
However, his misfortune turns out to be a blessing in disguise...

"Y-You're... free to come and stay at my place!!"

Kojika Hiwa - Ichitaro's coworker at his part-time job - seems to have gathered all her courage to invite him over. Ichitaro, who had already taken a liking toward her, happily accepts, signaling the beginning of their new life together. At first, things are awkward and embarrassing, but once the two become aware of their mutual feelings, their life takes a turn for the sweet.

Sleeping, eating, going to school... every moment of the day is pure bliss when spent together with the caring and homey Hiwa. Naturally, Ichitaro wishes that they could keep on living together forever. There's just one thing he needs to do to make that happen...


Kojika Hiwa
VOICE:Haruto Tsuruya
:August 10
Blood type

Hiwa is Ichitaro's junior at school, and works part-time at the same bakery, "Fille et Lait".
Though she's still a newbie, she's extremely well-liked among the customers, always serving them with a bright and genuine smile, truly grateful for their patronage.

Though she's not particularly fashionable, she's blessed with an extremely large chest for her small frame, and looks absolutely adorable.
A girly girl through and through, nothing brings her more joy than taking care of others... but for some reason, she occasionally shoots Ichitaro angry glares.

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Aritagawa Nio
:October 14
Blood type

Nio is Ichitaro's classmate, though she doesn't talk to him unless she has some kind of business with him.
She's generally considered to be the most beautiful girl at school, but her aloof attitude makes her a little unapproachable. She can usually be found sitting in the classroom by herself, resting her chin on her hand and looking bored.

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Shizuki Yachiyo
:March 3
Blood type

Yachiyo and Ichitaro have been friends since they were little. While Yachiyo is one year older than him, she doesn't look like it, due to her short stature and childlike looks.

As the daughter of the shrine's head priest, she carries herself with the grace and beauty expected of a traditional priestess.

She seems to be very concerned about the recent rumors regarding the "charm of misfortune".

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Ryuichiro Yamakawa
Artwork/Character Design
nanaca mai
Kei Hozumi
Visual Novel
Opening Theme
"Summer Amulet"
Vocals: Duca; Lyrics: Yoshikazu Kuwashima; Music: ANZIE
Fuminori Matsumoto


Supported OS
Windows 7/8.1/10
All Ages (Steam),
18+(Patch Download and Japanese Release)
Steam (International Release),
Download Card (Japanese Release)